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How to Tame a Boar in Valheim

Boars are some of the first wild animals you’ll come across when you begin playing Valheim. They are located in the Meadows biome, and can generally be found roaming alone or in small groups.

In order to tame a boar, you’ll need to build a small enclosure and lure it in with some food. Boars like eating berries (both raspberries and blueberries), mushrooms, and carrots. Berries and mushrooms are abundant in the

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This deep-sea shark is one of the world’s largest glowing animals

Shark researchers working off the eastern coast of New Zealand have made an illuminating discovery. In a new study, published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science, the scientists found that three species of deep-sea shark are bioluminescent, producing a soft blue-green light with specialized cells in their skin.

One of the species, the kitefin shark, grows to a length of nearly six feet, making it the largest known bioluminescent vertebrate. Giant squid, which get much bigger, are also known to produce light.

Bioluminescence had previously been documented in only around a dozen shark species, so this

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Zoo animals react to visitors returning after lockdown

When humans flooded their zoo in South Africa, after months of lockdown, the African penguins couldn’t have cared less, according to a new study. Meanwhile, the bubbly meerkats at a zoo in the U.K. seemed uplifted by their bipedal visitors. 

Slender-tailed meerkats (Suricata suricatta) interacted more positively with each other after humans returned to their exhibits, while African penguins (Spheniscus demersus) just carried on as if nothing had changed. 

Researchers studied the behavior of the animals before and after zoos reopened in the U.K. and South Africa to learn more about how lockdown affected them. Their

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Polar bear hotel outrages animal rights activists

Winter blunderland.

A Chinese hotel with a polar bear viewing area has been slammed by conservationists, who’ve accused the controversial attraction of animal cruelty.

Polar bears are “neighbors 24 hours a day” at northeastern China’s Harbin Polarland, whose panoramic accommodations overlook a cramped bear enclosure in a setup too outlandish for even a James Bond villain, CTV reported.

Appalling footage shows guests photographing the beasts — the world’s largest land carnivores, weighing in at almost 1,000 pounds each — from the safety of their accommodations as the animals pace about their lit enclosure. A white floor and faux icicles and

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Chinese fur farms where animals are electrocuted and tortured in tiny cages could be breeding ground for next pandemic

SADISTIC sites where animals are tortured to death for their fur in horrific condition could be harbouring viruses which could become the next pandemic, it has been warned.

An investigation by the Humane Society International (HSI) uncovered the appalling conditions foxes, raccoons and minks face at Chinese fur farms.


Foxes, raccoons and minks are kept in horrific conditions on Chinese fur farmsCredit: HSI
A fox being electrocuted by one of the fur farmers


A fox being electrocuted by one of the fur farmersCredit: HSI US
China rears 14 million foxes a year just for the fur trade


China rears 14 million foxes a year just for the fur trade
The animals are killed for their fur at the horrific sites


The animals are killed for their fur
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Meet the miraculous animals that the world once thought were extinct

The World Wildlife Fund estimates that on average the world has seen a 60 per cent decrease in the population size of mammals, birds, fish and amphibians due to human activity.

We all know about the wild success of the panda’s transition from near-extinct to otherwise, but less publicised conservation projects can originate in the strangest of ways and achieve so much.

There are hundreds of other examples of species that come through the other side of their battles with extinction. Whether it takes decades or millions of years (yes, millions), we’ve explored the stories of some diminished

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