E-Scooter Company Bird To Pump $150 Million Into Ramping Up European Business

Bird, the e-scooter sharing company, is ramping up its European operations with a $150 million plan to launch in 50 new cities.

The company, which has raised over $620 million from investors including Sequoia Capital and Target Global, said it was investing to support efforts to reduce car usage in European cities once lockdowns come to an end.

It has appointed two new executives to help oversee the expanded international push. Renaud Fages will take on the role of head of global operations while Brendan O’Driscoll will be head of product, growth and

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Bird will double its size in Europe with massive $150 million spend

Bird says it will spend $150 million on a major expansion in Europe. The Santa Monica-based scooter sharing company announced that it will bring its battery-powered two-wheelers to 50 new cities on the continent in the coming months, in addition to growing its fleet in its current markets. The move comes as scooter sharing continues to perform strongly in Europe amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

To help oversee this new initiative, Bird is promoting to two employees to its executive team: Renaud Fages is named head of global operations; and Brendan O’Driscoll will be head of product, growth and data,

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Bird-Friendly Glass Ordinances: What Developers Should Consider

We’ve all seen them: dead birds on the ground beside a glass building. Or maybe you’ve heard the unmistakable sound of a bird crashing into your window while working at your desk. It’s sad, of course. Birds can’t distinguish glass as a solid barrier and perceive what the glass reflects, such as vegetation, trees, or sky, to be real, so they fly toward it.

As high-rise cities expand, birds dying or suffering from injuries from crashing into glass buildings, as often seen on commercial real estate, is becoming too big a problem to ignore: Between 600 million and 1

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bird flu in Delhi: Bird flu among humans is rare, but here’s what you can do to stay safe | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Bird-to-human or human-to-human transmission of bird flu is rare. However, doctors advise precautionary measures, such as avoiding consuming uncooked or partially cooked chicken. Avian influenza can spread to humans through droppings, saliva and secretion of the infected bird, so it is advisable to avoid contaminated surfaces.

Dr JC Suri, director, department of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine at Fortis Hospital, said, “Those involved in the handling of poultry birds, for example chicken, should clean and disinfect any suspected infected areas and wear protective gear, such as gloves.”
Another public health expert said people should be alert

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Bird believes barriers should be installed at Valencia for FE race

Jaguar Racing recruit Sam Bird reckons Formula E should install barriers for its first race on a permanent circuit at Valencia to stop drivers “taking the mickey” over track limits.

a police car parked on the side of a road: Bird: Barriers should be installed for Valencia race

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Bird: Barriers should be installed for Valencia race

The Circuit Ricardo Tormo, site of pre-season testing for the past four years, has been added to the 2020-21 FE season calendar to host the first-ever Spanish E-Prix on 24 April.

Should the Rome E-Prix go ahead as planned on a new track layout on 10 April and not require the Vallelunga circuit, which is on standby as a

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Bird in hand! Moment homeowner rescues a massive hawk

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This incredible footage showed a brave homeowner use his bare hands to rescue a hawk when it got stuck in his porch.

The rescuer, known only as Ryan, tried to use a pillow to direct the bird towards the door of the house somewhere in the US. 

A group had spent the afternoon drinking at a local music festival before they got home to find the bird of prey trapped in their screened in porch. 

The minute-long clip showed the hawk trying to get through the screen as it seemed to get more

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