Lake County News,California – Anyone can create bird habitat in their own backyard

Nest boxes can attract a variety of birds to your yard as long as they are properly installed and monitored. Photo courtesy of the Redbud Audubon Society.

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – Lake County is home to an amazing number of bird species.

As of December 2019, 321 species of birds have been identified in Lake County.

No matter where you live in the county – whether in one of our towns, along the lake shoreline, or out in the country – it is possible to create a bird-friendly yard or habitat. Even apartments with balconies can be a place to

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Bird electric scooters approved in pilot program

APPLETON – Bird electric scooters are coming to Appleton, the hometown of the company’s founder and CEO, Travis VanderZanden, a 1997 graduate of Appleton North High School.

The Common Council voted 14-0 Wednesday to proceed with a pilot program that will deploy 100 Bird scooters for rent throughout the city starting this spring.

Before the vote, the council amended the program to prohibit the use of the scooters on the sidewalks of College Avenue between Badger Avenue and Drew Street.

Bird Rides Inc. is an app-based dockless scooter sharing program headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Customers locate the stand-up, battery-powered 

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21 incredible pictures from the Bird Photographer of the Year 2021

Now in its 6th year, the Bird Photographer of the Year competition saw over 22,000 entries from 73 different countries all competing for the grand prize.

As well as gifting us a flock of spectacular images, the world’s premier bird photography contest is a strong supporter of conservation, providing financial support for grassroots projects through their charity partner Birds on the Brink.

The winners of the competition will be announced on 1 September 2021. Until then, you can fly over to their website for even more great snaps.

Any food left, Mum?

A hungry juvenile shag literally dives down its

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9 Tips for Beginner Bird Watchers

The coronavirus has isolated many of us in our homes this year. We’ve been forced to slow down a little, maybe looking out our windows, becoming more in tune with the rhythms of our yards. Perhaps we’ve begun to notice more, like the birds hopping around in the bushes out back, wondering (maybe for the first time) what they are.

When COVID-19 hit, I too found myself spending much more time in my apartment. Living in New York City during a pandemic presented fewer opportunities to safely get out into nature – an unfortunate struggle for myself and many other

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Festo to Release BionicSwift RC Bird in 2021

About a year ago, Festo, a company whose nature-inspired robots are as impressive as Boston Dynamics’ creations, blew our minds with a robotic flying bird that used feather wings to perform agile airborne maneuvers. It was a prototype back then, but later this year, the company will start selling a kit that allows anyone to build their own.

BionicSwift, as the flying robobird is officially known, is actually an update to an older Festo flying bot from about nine years ago. Back then, a robotic seagull used wings that could flap and bend to not only propel itself through the

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The Finalists of the Bird Photographer of the Year 2021 Are Announced

“Eurasian nuthatch” by Mark Williams. (Photo: © Mark Williams/Bird Photographer of the Year)

Wildlife photographers take some of the most adventurous and exciting shots. The recently released 2021 finalists of the Bird Photographer of the Year Awards are no exception. From a confrontation between an enormous eagle and a fox to an adorable fluffy duckling exploring its pond, this year’s gallery is a collection of magical moments in the animal kingdom.

The Bird Photographer of the Year 2021 competition saw a stunning 22,000 entries from around the world. The hopeful photographers hailed from 73 countries. According to Will Nicholls, director

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