NYCHA complex cat named Tuxedo killed by pit bulls

The “mayor” of NYCHA’s Breukelen Houses — a chunky black and white cat named Tuxedo — was mauled to death by a pair of pit bulls egged on by their owners, and residents claim the NYPD isn’t doing enough to investigate, The Post has learned. 

Tuxedo, who lived at the complex since 2011 and was part of a managed feral colony where he had friends and even a girlfriend, was spotted running away from the two pit bulls on January 13, according to witness Raymond Morales and the colony’s caretaker, Latonya Walker

“What I witnessed, it was horrible. I

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Does Your Cat Love Water?

One afternoon, several years ago my cat Captain Jack Sparrow was with me in my backyard. He strolled up to a glazed flower pot saucer filled with water and started drinking. The saucer was perched upon a concrete stepping stone at the corner of my patio.

Birds took baths in the water, squirrels drank the water and so did Jack.

I joked with him that the water must have tasted like birdie feet, thus his attraction to it. He would walk away proudly with drops of water hanging from his chin fur.

Jack was happy drinking like a lion in

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Why Does My Cat Love to Sit On My Computer?

As many remote workers know all too well, computer keyboards are prime real estate in the eyes of pretty much every cat. So frequently do they bypass the comfy cat bed in the corner and plop down on your laptop that it hardly seems random—and, in fact, it’s not.

One reason is the heat emanating from your device. As cat behavior consultant Marci Koski told, cats are most comfortable when they don’t have to use their own energy to heat or cool their bodies. This temperature sweet spot, or “thermoneutral zone,” is between 86°F and 100°F. Computer keyboards

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Cat lost near Diamond Lake survives Oregon wildfires, snowstorm to return to Arizona family

Lexi is an ordinary house cat who, as far as her family knew, didn’t even know how to hunt.

So when the McMillan family of Gilbert, Arizona, lost her at Thielsen Forest Campground about six miles from Diamond Lake in August, they feared she wouldn’t make it.

But somehow, this little gray-and-white, long-haired cat survived a grueling autumn in the wild. In September, she came within one mile of a raging wildfire that devastated the area. By November, she was clinging to life through a heavy snowstorm.

But this month, she was returned to her family in Arizona thanks to

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Stray Cat Is Unrecognizable One Month After Her Rescue

a cat that is standing in the grass

In November, Blessie Mae Ayalde was biking with her dad through typhoon-ravaged streets near their home in the Philippines when she saw a little gray face peeking out of the mud. 

When the kitten blinked, Ayalde was shocked to find her alive.

a group of people walking down a dirt road

© Blessie Mae Ayalde

“We were inspecting the riverside which was muddy and covered in garbage when I found her there beside the bamboo trees,” Ayalde told The Dodo. “She looked like she drowned in the flood and just got caught near the bamboo trees just like all the trash.”

Ayalde approached the kitten and called out to

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The first-ever Pudu cat-like robot put to use at a Canadian restaurant | News

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pudu Robotics’ BellaBot has recently been introduced to Sushi Island, a restaurant in Canada, as the most stylish addition to the restaurant’s waiting staff during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This innovative robot server has been well received among the local community since its first day at the restaurant. A reporter from NTV visited the restaurant for an interview, and posted a video of how the robot worked there on Twitter, which got tens of thousands of views.

According to a worker at Sushi Island, the restaurant has experienced a sharp increase

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