Reader seeks help identifying mystery cat

Up here in Maine, we’ve got a couple of different kinds of cats — bobcats and Canada lynx — wandering around in our woods, and it’s quite common to see one or the other. Some swear we’ve got mountain lions here, too, but that’s a topic for another day.

Down in Heiberger, Alabama, Bangor Daily News reader Rusty Fondren has stumbled upon another kind of cat, and he’d like your help identifying it.

“We have lots of bobcats, just not sure [this is one] due to length of tail and stripes instead of spots,” Fondren said.

While I’m no cat

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I’m bingeing on TikTok and cat videos: here’s my way back from the abyss | Internet

Before I met my wife, my capacity to do nothing was infinite. After I met my wife, my capacity to do nothing remained infinite, but I was retrained to believe that staring into space doesn’t count as a hobby.

Over the past year, though, I’ve reconnected with my laziest self. Lockdown has meant we have been encouraged to kick back, and I have taken the slogan “Stay home, save lives” to mean that as I sit on the sofa and rewatch every Marvel movie, I am actually a hero.

This is the closest my lifestyle has been to my

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Fancy Feast releases cookbook for humans inspired by new cat food line

Fancy Feast isn’t just for your cat anymore. 

The cat food brand — owned by Purina — announced earlier this week that it has released a cookbook for humans to celebrate the release of its new line of single-serve entrees, Petites.

The “Fancy Feast Petites Feast Cookbook” is free to download online and includes 12 single-serve recipes inspired by Petites, so humans can enjoy dinner alongside their pets.

“Mealtime is a bonding experience,” the introduction to the cookbook says. “We sit at a dining table with our family, we gather with friends. Now Fancy Feast is asking you

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Meow Mix recalls some cat food over potential salmonella contamination

The parent company of Meow Mix cat food announced a limited recall Friday after finding potential salmonella contamination in 30-pound bags of Original Choice Dry Cat Food.

The impacted products were sold at some Walmart stores in Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming, the J. M. Smucker Co. said in a statement. 

Anyone who bought the product from those locations is urged to not feed it to their cats and throw it out immediately.

The parent company of Meow Mix cat food announced a limited

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Why do cats have belly ‘pouches’?

Fat cats are cute, but not every cat that looks like it has a big belly is overweight. Although the part of a cat’s underside that swings when it walks may look like a paunch, it’s actually not a tummy at all. So what is it?

That bit of skin, fur and fat is a protective layer called the primordial pouch. It’s positioned along the length of a cat’s belly. These pouches are perfectly normal and healthy, said José Arce, president-elect of the American Veterinary Medical Association. All cats have primordial pouches, but they vary greatly in size; some are

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Cat lost after Hurricane Michael found 2 years later

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — If cats have nine lives, a cat named Sinatra has probably used a few of them. He got lost after his family’s home was destroyed by Hurricane Michael, but two and a half years later, Sinatra has found his way home.

“I wish he could talk,” said Robin Vaughn. “I wish he could tell us what he’s been doing for two years.”

She and her wife, Angela Brown, who are both originally from the Illinois–Indiana–Kentucky tri-state area, were living in Panama City on Oct. 10, 2018, as they braved Hurricane Michael.

“We were in

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