Cat’s grateful owners were way too generous

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Our neighbors of 40 years ask us to take care of their cat when they go away for more than one night. It’s usually for four days or so, and we are happy to go next door to make sure the cat has fresh water and food and to give him some people-time.

When we had a dog, these same neighbors were insistent that we not board her when we traveled — frequently for 10 days to two weeks — because she would be better off in her own house, and that they were happy to come

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Needing Help, Momma Cat Carries Her Ill Kitten into Hospital

Md Ridwan Hj Leiman / EyeEm / Getty

There are few things in the world more precious than the moment when you understand that you’ve earned an animal’s trust. Doctors in Turkey experienced this moment recently in a profoundly rewarding way!

Medical workers at a hospital in the city of Izmir had been leaving bowls of food and water out for an orange tabby stray, but they were unaware that the cat had recently given birth to a litter of kittens.

Unaware, that is, until this week, when the new momma came jogging into the medical facility carrying one of

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20 Cat Breeds That Stay Small

Even people who claim to hate cats can’t help falling for kittens, with their button noses and playful nature. The problem is kittens grow up fast and while our adult cats are just as wonderful and cute, we often find ourselves missing the kitten days.

However, not all felines grow to the usual, adult cat size. Some breeds of domestic cat tend to stay small, or are specifically bred to be smaller than usual.

It’s important to note that some cats can pay a heavy price to stay tiny. Extreme breeding of domestic cats can lead to significant, life-altering or

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After house fire, blind woman needs help paying for cat’s care

The race is on to help a woman in the East Bay who’s lost almost everything she owned in a house fire except one of her beloved cats.

But that marmalade cat, Stuart, is racking up steep medical bills, so a concerned veterinarian is trying to raise funds for his care and get owner Laura Ostrout back on her feet.

The trouble began for Ostrout, 54, when a fire broke

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Meet the People Stemming the Tide of Nashville’s Free-Roaming Cats

Kayli Craig holds kitten ApricotPhoto: Eric England

In the parking lot of the Guitar Center at One Hundred Oaks, Nancy Douglas, a sergeant with the Vanderbilt University Police Department, is peering into a sewer grate.

“I told Lewis, I said, ‘Get ready for your close-up. We’re heading to Hollywood.’ ”

Lewis is a cat who lives in the shopping center parking lot, and for the past year, Vanderbilt police officers — tasked with patrolling the nearby Vanderbilt Health facility — have been feeding him. Douglas has formed a bond with the feline that seems like love. I lean over

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WATCH NOW: Fredericksburg woman bitten by rabid cat fears disease could spread among feral felines | Local News

“I don’t want every stray cat in town rounded up and killed, I’m not like that,” she said. “But it seems there should be some kind of emergency protocol in times like this—at least round them up and check them and make sure they’re vaccinated. What happens if a cat from this colony gets involved with another and [rabies] starts spreading because nobody wants to take responsibility for it?”

The only people in the neighborhood who knew a rabid cat was in the area were those informed by Hedge and her family. The Rappahannock Area Health District issued a press

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