Foster Dog Named Brodie Stabbed, Beaten in California City

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Is it a bad idea to surprise her with a dog?

DEAR HARRIETTE: My mom is 70 years old. Her dog recently died after being with her for 15 years.

Harriette Cole 

I know that she would love to have another pet, but she fears that she’s not at a place in her life where owning another pet makes sense. I think she is just being morbid.

I know she wants another dog, and I want to surprise her with one. I genuinely don’t know whether or not she’ll be offended that I went against her wishes, but I figured it’s worth a shot.

Do you think I’ll offend her by

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Andrew Yang tears up talking about giving away his dog

Andrew Yang is more than a little fur-klempt over his old dog, Grizzly.

The mayoral wannabe teared up on Monday while describing what he called a “difficult” decision to give away Grizz to a friend after his allergic son had a respiratory attack.

“That’s when I knew that we’d have to give our dog away,” Yang said through tears during a press conference in Brooklyn. “Oh, that was terrible. It was awful.”

Yang’s comments came after he raised eyebrows Sunday when he tweeted about giving up the pooch to “celebrate” National Pet Day.

Some on Twitter had given the

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Best dog collars, harnesses & leashes

(CNN) —  

Aside from the slobbery kisses and the joyful meltdowns when you walk in the door, life with a dog comes with a slightly less heart-melting daily reality: walks. And with walks come the needed supplies: a collar, harness and leash (poop bags too, but that’s a topic for another day). So how do you know which of the many options will actually be the best choices for your dog?

Dogs come in such an array of shapes and sizes that finding the products that fit your pooch right is hugely important. No matter how well made or

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After firehouse dog kills neighbor’s pooch, Chicago Fire Department wants all dogs removed from stations

Acting Chicago Fire Commissioner Annette Holt has ordered an end to a treasured, but dying tradition — firehouse dogs — after a mixed breed at a South Side firehouse attacked and killed a neighbor’s dog.

The tragic incident happened over the weekend outside Engine 116, 5959 S. Ashland Ave. in Englewood. That firehouse dog, Bones, a larger mixed-breed, was adopted off the street years ago.

A woman was walking her shih tzu on a leash past the firehouse when Bones ran outside and attacked. The shih tzu was rushed to an emergency veterinarian, but it was too late; the injuries

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So your dog ate a cicada: What to know about Brood X and pet safety

Are cicadas poisonous to pets? And other questions answered. 

Cyndi Monaghan/Getty Images

I have two excellent dogs. Their combined 100 pounds of muscle and fluff patrol the backyard with chaotic exuberance. It’s their domain. They bark at falling leaves, they chase, but thankfully never catch, squirrels — and they gobble anything they find with delightful, horrible abandon. 

Large parts of the eastern United States are about to experience Brood X, including where I live in Kentucky. Brood X is a billions-strong swarm of cicadas set to emerge from a 17-year subterranean slumber next month. This won’t be my first

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