Pet Stars Trailer Reveals a Surfing Dog in the New Netflix Reality Series

The series follows two women who work with the most popular social media pet stars.


The wild and wooly world of animal influencers is coming to Netflix later this month. Pet Stars launches April 30 on Netflix with five 30-minute episodes following talent management company Pets on Q and its two main employees, Melissa and Colleen. The duo work with some of the most popular pets on social media, and the first trailer has arrived to showcase what’s in store.

“This pair handles Hollywood’s cutest, most well-known animal clients — top hats, treats and poop to boot,” Netflix said in

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Chicago bans dogs from firehouses after fatal pet attack

Dogs have been banned from all Chicago fire stations following a deadly attack on a smaller canine, department officials said.

The city’s acting fire commissioner, Annette Nance-Holt, issued guidance Monday mandating any “pets or mascots” at Chicago’s roughly 100 fire stations be removed after a mixed-breed stray dog living at Engine 116 named Bones attacked a woman’s smaller dog, killing the animal.

“Effective immediately, any and all prior permissions for dogs in the fire stations or on fire apparatuses are hereby revoked,” the department memo read. “All house captains, chief officers and other supervisors are ordered to ensure the immediate

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The Bay Area went crazy for pandemic pets. What happens when we go back to work?

Pepper is a very good dog. He’s rambunctious, but knows how to chill. He’s also a border collie and Australian shepherd mix, so he’ll occasionally try to herd his adoptive parents, Lloyd Brown and Alex Brandenberg, when they’re in the kitchen. And during the pandemic, he’s been a nice distraction from the stresses of the world.

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Teams took to social media to share their furry friends in honor of National Pet Day

April 11 is recognized as National Pet Day. Pet owners from all around the sports world took to social media to share their furry friends.

National Pet Day was created in 2004 as a way to encourage future pet owners to adopt their next pal. Their posts are proof that man’s best friend can come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and even species.

Pet parents used the day to provide their companion with an extra dose of attention, particularly in the form of likes and retweets.

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Newark, Delaware man looking into license to keep pet deer that’s house-trained

NEWARK, Delaware (WPVI) — A man in Newark, Delaware has formed a very special bond with a perhaps unsuspecting pet: a young doe he aptly named Bambi after his favorite cartoon.

A few months ago, Messiah El left a bread trail and was shocked when Bambi followed the crumbs inside the house and made herself at home.

“Now, when she comes in the house she likes to get fed,” El says. “Her favorite spot is the couch. She’ll go over (and) sleep on the couch, wake up and tap on the door when she’s ready to leave. Then she goes

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KCK dog gets lots of pets and treats after alerting neighbors to owner’s medical emergency

Good dog! What a good boy!Kansas City, Kansas police said a pup got lots of praise and treats, and his owner is recovering after a scary incident Sunday night. Police said a man was walking near North 10th Street and Laurel Avenue with his dog Sunday night when the man began experiencing a medical emergency. In a Facebook post, police said the dog ran to alert a nearby neighbor that his owner was in trouble. The quick-thinking neighbor saw the dog and called 911. “Thanks to this smart and loyal canine, and neighbors who paid attention to his plea for … read more