Enjoy the spring with a new pet: April 10-11

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — As a pet owner, I try to make food for them as often as possible. I know it’s fresh, what the ingredients are and where it comes from.

Typically, it’s a combination of lean meat, hard-boiled eggs, kale or spinach, carrots or sweet potatoes, and apple cider vinegar. They love it.

But if you don’t have time to prepare food, there are options available to you. Here are a few:

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Sony Launches ‘HT’ Short ‘Monster Pets’ for Pets Day!

Moviegoers are in for a scary good time as Sony Pictures Animation launches Monster Pets, a brand-new short film from the Hotel Transylvania universe showing on the big screen exclusively in Cinemark theaters. The hair-raising animated caper has also debuted online to get an early start on celebrating Pets Day this weekend.

In Monster Pets, Drac’s lovable, monster-sized puppy, Tinkles, has more energy than ever and just wants to play ball! Unfortunately, Drac is too busy juggling his duties at the hotel, so he is determined to find a monster pet companion for his huge furry friend. After

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How to Pet-Proof Your Garden This Spring

A boxer dog lies next to a garden bed full of green plants and yellow flowers. It has its tongue out.

Photo: kochabamba (Shutterstock)

Pets and gardens don’t always get along. If you have both, it’s important to keep them out of each other’s business so everyone stays happy and healthy.

How to pet-proof your garden

Of course, this is a lot easier said than done. Dogs love to dig, and cats love to find new and exciting venues for pooping—which, for some reason, are always your garden beds. But with some common sense and a little work, you can keep pets and other assorted critters out of your garden and out of trouble. This video from HomeAdvisor

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Show us your pets chowing down

Emi (L) and Ally (R) from the San Diego Humane Society eat lettuce, April 2020. Animal shelters across the United States were emptied out thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Emi (L) and Ally (R) from the San Diego Humane Society eat lettuce, April 2020. Animal shelters across the United States were emptied out thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.
Photo: ARIANA DREHSLER/AFP (Getty Images)

Last CallLast CallLast Call is The Takeout’s online watering hole where you can chat, share recipes, and use the comment section as an open thread. Here’s what we’ve been reading/watching/listening around the office today.

You’ve likely seen the age-old callout on Twitter: “Share your pet pics, please!” or “Having a rough day. Could use doggos.” These tweets, tossed so casually into

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These Three Beloved Pet Food Brands Are About to Skyrocket in Price

Despite economic struggles this past year, the majority of Americans say we’d pay whatever it takes to care for our pets! Today, new reports are suggesting that with national shortages on essentials as basic as ketchup (yes, really), the cost of pet food could soon increase—and the prices may not be the worst problem for some fur-loving families.

In February, a small grocery store in Pennsylvania stated that its canned cat food supply was 80% bare. The trend persisted into March, with some pet food industry insiders blaming tough winter weather and supply chain issues on shortages of ingredients

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Some pet dogs need expensive therapy after lockdowns

Nicole Cueto sobbed as she locked the door of her apartment and heard her dog, Marty, crying hysterically on the other side.

“He was anxious and upset,” the Manhattan resident recalled of the incident earlier this year when she had to go out to work for the first time in months. “It was extremely traumatic for the both of us, and I could not focus on my job for days after.”

To help her dog cope, Cueto has invested $340 in professional pet training and counseling — a fraction of the amount many concerned owners are forking over —

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