What I Learned from Adopting a Hospice Dog

As a lifelong animal-lover who first began adding furry members to her family as an adult, I have been faced with the task of choosing between welcoming in a fresh-faced puppy or rescuing a salt-and-pepper-muzzled one with a shorter life expectancy. On one hand, adding a cute and clumsy puppy to a home is likely to provide joyful entertainment and loyal companionship for many years to come, but it is equally as sweet to take in an older dog in need. As someone who has experienced both options personally, I can say with conviction that I am now an

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Why Does My Cat Love to Sit On My Computer?

As many remote workers know all too well, computer keyboards are prime real estate in the eyes of pretty much every cat. So frequently do they bypass the comfy cat bed in the corner and plop down on your laptop that it hardly seems random—and, in fact, it’s not.

One reason is the heat emanating from your device. As cat behavior consultant Marci Koski told MarthaStewart.com, cats are most comfortable when they don’t have to use their own energy to heat or cool their bodies. This temperature sweet spot, or “thermoneutral zone,” is between 86°F and 100°F. Computer keyboards

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bird flu in Delhi: Bird flu among humans is rare, but here’s what you can do to stay safe | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Bird-to-human or human-to-human transmission of bird flu is rare. However, doctors advise precautionary measures, such as avoiding consuming uncooked or partially cooked chicken. Avian influenza can spread to humans through droppings, saliva and secretion of the infected bird, so it is advisable to avoid contaminated surfaces.

Dr JC Suri, director, department of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine at Fortis Hospital, said, “Those involved in the handling of poultry birds, for example chicken, should clean and disinfect any suspected infected areas and wear protective gear, such as gloves.”
Another public health expert said people should be alert

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Arvada Pets Up For Adoption: Meet Sadie & Sky, Charlie & More

Looking to add a furry friend to your family and make a positive impact on the world at the same time? Consider adopting a pet from a local shelter. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many facilities are still working to fulfill adoptions.

For those looking to adopt, a great place to begin the search for an adorable new family member is at Angels With Paws Cat Adoption And Shelter, where Charlie the cat is waiting patiently, or another local facility. If you aren’t sure if you have time to take care of a pet year round, many shelters also offer opportunities

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‘Major dog welfare crisis’ warning after sharp rise in dogs sold online | UK News

Experts have warned of a “major dog welfare crisis” following a sharp rise in the number of dogs being sold online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pets4Homes, one of the UK’s largest online pet marketplaces, identified that demand for puppies was 51% greater than dogs aged one or older between July and September last year.

A total of 466,601 dogs have been advertised on the site so far, with average prices increasing by 131%.

Rory Cowlam, a vet and ambassador for the RSPCA, told Sky News he expects to see a spike in the number of dogs being abandoned this year

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Cat lost near Diamond Lake survives Oregon wildfires, snowstorm to return to Arizona family

Lexi is an ordinary house cat who, as far as her family knew, didn’t even know how to hunt.

So when the McMillan family of Gilbert, Arizona, lost her at Thielsen Forest Campground about six miles from Diamond Lake in August, they feared she wouldn’t make it.

But somehow, this little gray-and-white, long-haired cat survived a grueling autumn in the wild. In September, she came within one mile of a raging wildfire that devastated the area. By November, she was clinging to life through a heavy snowstorm.

But this month, she was returned to her family in Arizona thanks to

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