Cat food sold by Walmart in 8 states recalled due to salmonella risk

Meow Mix-brand cat food sold by Walmart in eight states is being recalled because it might be contaminated with salmonella, manufacturer J.M. Smucker announced in a notice posted by the Food and Drug Administration.

Two lots of 30-pound bags of Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food are involved in the recall and were shipped to more than 1,100 Walmart stores in Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  

The lot numbers are 1081804 with an expiration date of September 14, 2022, and 1082804 with an expiration date of September 15, 2022. Consumers with questions can call

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Cat Trapped in Tree for 18 Days Finally Sets Paw on Solid Ground

Nearly three weeks after she scaled a 60-foot tree, tabby cat Sparkles has returned to terra firma, much to the relief of her owner, Beverly McIntosh. She’ll be an inside cat for the foreseeable future.

“I was really scared,” McIntosh told KAIT 8. “I thought she was dead.”

On March 13, Sparkles climbed the tree, where she would remain for the next 18 days. Despite McIntosh’s repeated attempts to coax her down with a can of food, she wouldn’t budge.

“Everyone came up and got on that ladder to get her and she just would run farther and farther

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You have varied opinions on the identity of this mystery cat

When we asked for your help identifying a cat that an Alabama reader caught on camera, we figured that we’d hear more than a few opinions. Bangor Daily News readers love their mystery beasts, after all, and love to guess which species is showing up on video or in a still photo.

This time around, though, we seem to have less than a consensus. Some thought the critter is a hybrid house cat of some sort. Others thought it was a wild animal running loose. And at least one reader said they wish we’d stop wasting their time with

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Watch this cat write an actually-pretty-decent bass solo on piano

Ever seen a video of a cat using a piano to write an actually-pretty-decent bass solo? No? Well, there’s a fur-st time for everything.

In one of the most wholesome music-related videos currently doing the rounds on the internet, bass guitar player Jeffin Rodegheri has transformed the somewhat melodic piano-based ponderings of a ginger cat into a rad four-string solo.

Barney, the musically gifted cat in question, was clearly feline creative when he stepped up to the keys, and needed no invitation to use his naturally tuneful paws to curate a chromatically intriguing, tritone-infused piano solo.

His musings did not

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Cat Food Recall 2021: Meow Mix Recalls Cat Food Over Salmonella

Some 2021 trends have been fun. Others? Not so much. After a seemingly endless string of salmonella-induced recalls this year that’s already taken hummus, sesame oil, ground turkey, and—most notably—pet food off the shelves, we’re facing another that once again potentially puts cats and humans at risk.

The J. M. Smucker Company recently issued a voluntary recall for two lots of its Meow Mix cat food over concern that it may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria, the company announced in a press release. The affected products were sold at Walmart in at least eight states: Illinois,

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Meow Mix dry cat food recalled for potential Salmonella contamination

The J. M. Smucker Company announced a limited, voluntary recall of two lots of the 30 pound bags of Meow Mix® Original Choice Dry Cat Food due to potential salmonella contamination. The Company has received no reports of pet illness or adverse reaction and has issued this recall out of an abundance of caution. The impacted products were sold at select Walmart stores in IL, MO, NE, NM, OK, UT, WI and WY. No other Meow Mix® products are impacted by this recall.

If pet parents have products matching the following description in their possession, they should stop feeding it

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