WATCH NOW: Fredericksburg woman bitten by rabid cat fears disease could spread among feral felines | Local News

“I don’t want every stray cat in town rounded up and killed, I’m not like that,” she said. “But it seems there should be some kind of emergency protocol in times like this—at least round them up and check them and make sure they’re vaccinated. What happens if a cat from this colony gets involved with another and [rabies] starts spreading because nobody wants to take responsibility for it?”

The only people in the neighborhood who knew a rabid cat was in the area were those informed by Hedge and her family. The Rappahannock Area Health District issued a press

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A look at the feral felines that inhabit the ballpark

Glowing yellow eyes encased by fluff surveil the streets of Denver’s Ballpark district surrounding a kingdom built on the back of baseballs, bats and feral cats — a tried-and-true American tail.

On Friday night, one bold feline dared to go where few of its comrades have trod before — going viral by darting across a Major League Baseball field mid-game — and stole the collective hearts of sports fans the nation over.

But in the bowels of the ballpark lurks a pack of the feral felines, according to those who frequent Rockies games. They’re the cats of Coors Field, and

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Jackson Galaxy Talks Cat Camp and Quarantining with Felines

Jackson Galaxy is a big name in the cat world. The kitty behaviorist is best-known for his Animal Planet series My Cat from Hell, where he helps cat owners resolve issues with their pets. The show has been on the air since 2011, and has seen Galaxy—who’s also known as the “Cat Daddy”—deal with a variety of issues. Everything from cats who eat anything in sight, to feuding felines, to clawing pets, and beyond. Galaxy is also the author of several books about cat behavior, and his cat expertise has appeared in media outlets like The New York

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Hopes Bruny Island’s new cat centre will help manage stray and feral felines

The average domestic cat looks far from an apex predator.

But on Bruny Island, off Tasmania’s south-east coast, they might as well be. Feral, stray and pet cats hunt native wildlife, unchecked at the top of the food chain.

Paul Davis owns a property on the Bruny

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