KCK dog gets lots of pets and treats after alerting neighbors to owner’s medical emergency

Good dog! What a good boy!Kansas City, Kansas police said a pup got lots of praise and treats, and his owner is recovering after a scary incident Sunday night. Police said a man was walking near North 10th Street and Laurel Avenue with his dog Sunday night when the man began experiencing a medical emergency. In a Facebook post, police said the dog ran to alert a nearby neighbor that his owner was in trouble. The quick-thinking neighbor saw the dog and called 911. “Thanks to this smart and loyal canine, and neighbors who paid attention to his plea for … read more

New KC Pet Project program reuniting struggling owners and their pets

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new program is helping people in crisis during the pandemic keep their pets. KC Pet Project recently launched Home Away From Home to foster pets until they can get back on their feet. 

The shelter launched a Keep ‘Em Together program a couple months into the pandemic to try to help provide financial resources to struggling pet owners. But what they found many people just needed was time. 

MariAnn McCurry has had her Jack Russell Terrier, Sophia, since college. She was a comfort to her and her 3-year-old daughter at the start of the pandemic.

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Cat’s grateful owners were way too generous

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Our neighbors of 40 years ask us to take care of their cat when they go away for more than one night. It’s usually for four days or so, and we are happy to go next door to make sure the cat has fresh water and food and to give him some people-time.

When we had a dog, these same neighbors were insistent that we not board her when we traveled — frequently for 10 days to two weeks — because she would be better off in her own house, and that they were happy to come

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Pet Owners Make Mobile Bed for Their 16-Year-Old Dog to Help Canine Enjoy Last Beach Vacation

Courtesy Carrie Copenhaver

A dog owner found an innovative way to transport his 16-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever around Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the canine’s final months of life.

Tom Antonino, who lives in Georgia, frequently visited Virginia Beach with his wife and their dog Cocoa for years. But at 16 years old, the once-energetic pup struggled to walk a short distance, making the trips harder to pull off for the family of three.

Antonino, determined to help Cocoa live a relatively normal life in her final days, created a home-crafted mobile bed that allowed him and his wife to transport

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New owners brace for post-pandemic pet withdrawal

Quillon Simpson, a postdoctoral research associate at Northeastern, spotted the tiny black-and-white border collie pup from clear across the country via video during the pandemic last August and instantly knew she was the pooch for him.

While her litter mates gathered around a wide food bowl to eat breakfast, the three-week old whelp that Simpson would eventually name Luna was inside the bowl, happily rolling around in puppy chow.

“Luna was smack-bang in the middle on her back, rolling around in this big bowl of food and loving life. Each time she rolled she’d take a bit of food. We

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Video captures moment hero dog stopped traffic during owner’s seizure

A dog named Clover is being hailed by Canadian media as a hero for helping her human, Haley Moore, survive a seizure that struck her suddenly during a walk.

Moore was strolling through the Stittsville neighborhood of Ottawa on Tuesday when she seized and fell to the curb, CTV News reported.

The incident was captured by a neighbor’s home security camera.

Clover the hero dog, in Ottawa, Canada.CTV

Clover, a year-and-a-half-old Maremma mix, sprung into action, attending first to Moore before bounding into the street and stopping traffic.

Dryden Oatway, a driver who stopped thanks to Clover’s heroics,

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