Michelle Obama, Dolly Parton and other stars celebrate National Pet Day

Former first lady Michelle Obama celebrated National Pet Day with a photo of Bo and Sunny on Instagram. (Photo: Pete Souza/White House via Getty Images)

April 11 is National Pet Day, giving pet owners across the country a chance to show off their precious animal pals. Former first lady Michelle Obama took the opportunity to celebrate the occasion by sharing a photo of Bo and Sunny, the Obama family’s dogs, on Instagram.

“Happy #NationalPetDay to these two bundles of joy! Thanks for always making my day a little brighter — and for the endless cuddles,” she captioned a photo of

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Pet Stars Trailer Reveals a Surfing Dog in the New Netflix Reality Series

The series follows two women who work with the most popular social media pet stars.


The wild and wooly world of animal influencers is coming to Netflix later this month. Pet Stars launches April 30 on Netflix with five 30-minute episodes following talent management company Pets on Q and its two main employees, Melissa and Colleen. The duo work with some of the most popular pets on social media, and the first trailer has arrived to showcase what’s in store.

“This pair handles Hollywood’s cutest, most well-known animal clients — top hats, treats and poop to boot,” Netflix said in

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Chicago bans dogs from firehouses after fatal pet attack

Dogs have been banned from all Chicago fire stations following a deadly attack on a smaller canine, department officials said.

The city’s acting fire commissioner, Annette Nance-Holt, issued guidance Monday mandating any “pets or mascots” at Chicago’s roughly 100 fire stations be removed after a mixed-breed stray dog living at Engine 116 named Bones attacked a woman’s smaller dog, killing the animal.

“Effective immediately, any and all prior permissions for dogs in the fire stations or on fire apparatuses are hereby revoked,” the department memo read. “All house captains, chief officers and other supervisors are ordered to ensure the immediate

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U.K. police hunt rabbit thief after giant celebrity pet Darius goes missing

LONDON — Missing: Darius, with long floppy ears and measuring a record-breaking 4 feet. Last seen in rabbit hutch in Stoulton, England.

Police said they were hunting one of the world’s largest rabbits, if not the largest, which went missing over the weekend.

“We are appealing for information following the theft of an award-winning rabbit from its home in Stoulton, Worcestershire,” West Mercia Police said in statement on Monday. “The rabbit is quite unique in the fact it is 4ft in size.”

Darius, who became a 2010 Guinness world record holder for his huge length, was stolen from

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Can your pet make you sick? Here’s how you can stay healthy

(WXYZ) — Did you know pets can sometimes carry harmful germs that can make us sick, even when the pet appears to be just fine?

Consumer Reports has some tips to help you and your fine-feathered friends stay healthy.

2020 made backyard chickens an urban and suburban trend.

Memberships to the American Poultry Association rose in 2020, as cooped-in Americans started backyard flocks. But according to the CDC, those new flocks came with an explosion of salmonella outbreaks — not from eating the birds, but from handling them.

Bacteria can spread from live poultry via their feces. They walk in

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Teams took to social media to share their furry friends in honor of National Pet Day

April 11 is recognized as National Pet Day. Pet owners from all around the sports world took to social media to share their furry friends.

National Pet Day was created in 2004 as a way to encourage future pet owners to adopt their next pal. Their posts are proof that man’s best friend can come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and even species.

Pet parents used the day to provide their companion with an extra dose of attention, particularly in the form of likes and retweets.

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