Pets of the week: Christie is a sweet little snuggler. Sir Andrew Lovington is a character

JACKSON, MI – Christie and Sir Andrew Lovington are just two of the many animals at the Cascade Humane Society that are looking for loving forever homes.

Christie is a lovable little 6-year-old female possibly boxer mix who has the sweetest eyes and gives the best snuggles.

As a loyal and protective dog, she has enough love to give an owner or family, but she should be the only dog in the home. Christie was good with kids in her home but she would do best with a low-key, low-traffic home as a lot of people and changes can make

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Adoptable pets from Arizona Humane Society and Maricopa County Animal Care (4/14/2021)

Rattles – A3857085 – NEUTERED MALE RED/WHITE AM PIT BULL TER/MIX – about 7 years old. WEST KENNEL, WING D – 114 . Call 602-506-7387 for more information.MCACC

Meet Mia! This sweet little Chihuahua mix is looking for a home with someone who has as much love to give as she does. At 6-years-old, Mia had a rough start in life. She was brought the Arizona Humane Society after police found her abandoned in a town home with no one to care for her. She was so excited to see her rescuers that she ran right up to them

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The Bay Area went crazy for pandemic pets. What happens when we go back to work?

Pepper is a very good dog. He’s rambunctious, but knows how to chill. He’s also a border collie and Australian shepherd mix, so he’ll occasionally try to herd his adoptive parents, Lloyd Brown and Alex Brandenberg, when they’re in the kitchen. And during the pandemic, he’s been a nice distraction from the stresses of the world.

Brown and Brandenberg adopted Pepper last July, a few months into shelter-in-place. They’d just moved into a new building in Oakland and had been talking about adopting a dog for a while. The plan was not to get a very young dog, but they … read more

The Vanderbilt Hustler | IN PHOTOS: Hustler Pets 2021

This time last year, we were being sent home for the summer. We were completely oblivious to the complete upheaval of our lives that was to come—Zoom who? Isn’t N-95 a kind of airplane? Why is there no toilet paper? A national wave of uncertainty and fear isolated us to our homes, and who did we have alongside us for the ride? Our pets. Even though today looks a whole lot better than it did a year ago, we still felt it was right to give yet another tribute to the animals that have stuck by us both in and

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Dog’s Sad Adoption Tale Spotlights Decatur Pets Needing Homes

DECATUR, GA — Perhaps you’ve read the story about the hundreds of people who want to adopt Rusty, the 2-year-old mixed breed dog surrendered to the same Texas animal shelter three times.

What the director of the shelter wants you to know is that you’d be better off adopting a dog from a local shelter here in Decatur and Avondale Estates.

The hundreds of people who have inquired about adopting Rusty do so out of good intentions, Humane Society of Central Texas Executive Director Paul Rivadeneira told Patch. But often, they’re so fixed on rescuing a dog who has spent

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KCK dog gets lots of pets and treats after alerting neighbors to owner’s medical emergency

Good dog! What a good boy!Kansas City, Kansas police said a pup got lots of praise and treats, and his owner is recovering after a scary incident Sunday night. Police said a man was walking near North 10th Street and Laurel Avenue with his dog Sunday night when the man began experiencing a medical emergency. In a Facebook post, police said the dog ran to alert a nearby neighbor that his owner was in trouble. The quick-thinking neighbor saw the dog and called 911. “Thanks to this smart and loyal canine, and neighbors who paid attention to his plea for … read more