Month: April 2021

Second Grader Raises Over $2,000 to Help Feed Rescue Animals at Connecticut Shelter

Courtesy of Mary Correia

Mary Correia was explaining to her grandson, Connor Vece, how food drives work when the 7-year-old asked if there were food drives for pets. Connor was curious if anyone ever gave food to the cats and dogs in animal shelters. That’s when the second grader came up with a wonderful idea.

“He said, ‘I want to give my money to the dogs!'” Correia, who is also Connor’s legal guardian, tells Daily Paws. “I asked if he wanted to do a pet food drive where we can collect dog food right in front of our house, and

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Spain to Give Pets Same Rights as Humans

Spain has pre-approved a measure that will give pets equal status to humans as animal rights receive growing support in the country, iNews reported. Domestic animals will be considered “living beings,” instead of mere objects as they have been classified.

Dogs or cats would be considered the same way in divorce proceedings, or when debts or other money issues are settled by the courts. 49.3 percent of Spanish homes have a pet. The law also means that if someone comes across a lost pet, they have to try to locate the owner and at the very least inform the authorities,

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It started with uncontrolled dog and got worse

DEAR MISS MANNERS: A friend and I were enjoying brunch outdoors at a nice restaurant when a couple with a large dog and a baby in a stroller were seated at a nearby table.

I kept silent as the couple obliviously allowed the dog to “visit” other tables, dragging its long leash behind it. I kept silent when the couple finally grabbed the leash but still allowed the dog to walk around, creating a trip hazard for anyone walking by. I figured that with a dog and a baby, these people were doing the best they could.

However, I’m ashamed

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Police contacted after cat in carrier left outside overnight at Marshfield pet shelter

MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) – Staff at the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter have contacted police after they said a person dropped a cat in a carrier off overnight, leaving it next to the dumpster. They said the cat was outside in its carrier for 7 hours.

Staff said the act is animal abandonment and it’s illegal. Staff called the person’s actions ‘frustrating’.

At 7am this morning we found a cat in a carrier by our dumpsters. She is spayed and front declawed and very stressed…

Posted by Marshfield Area Pet Shelter on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Copyright 2021 WSAW. All rights

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How One Naughty Bird Cheats With Fancy Feather Structures

In some ways, having the excess energy required to develop and maintain those feathers could actually turn out to be an honest signal. It takes protein to build them, and the bird needs to produce oils to keep them in good shape. They require constant pruning, too. So if it turns out that parasites attach more easily to these microstructures, that might mean a male would need to spend even more energy grooming himself. “The fact that you have that time, and you have those oils, and you had the feather in the first place—those might all be honest signals,”

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‘The polar bear became his one true love’: Renowned biologist mourned after Nunavut helicopter crash

Markus Dyck came to Canada as a soldier, but an encounter with a northern icon would forever alter the course of his life.

“When Markus saw a polar bear for the first time, it was love at first sight,” said Harvey Lemelin, a professor at Lakehead University.

On Thursday, friends and former colleagues were mourning the loss of Dyck, one of Canada’s foremost polar bear biologists, known for his unfailing reverence for the Arctic creatures, broad research interests, wry humour and pull-no-punches style.

Dyck died Sunday in a helicopter crash about 20 kilometres southwest of Resolute Bay in Nunavut. He

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