After year long delay, Babbitt Ranches expects crowds at Saturday Hashknife Colt Sale | Local

“We’ve been talking to a group of guys from Mexico who want to start a horse brand,” Rodgers said.

Stevens said the horses — born and raised in the rugged ranch land of northern Arizona — they raise are well-known and loved by ranchers, rodeo competitors and trail riders.

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“What we hear time and time again is that because they’re raised on Babbitt Ranches in the rocky, high country of northern Arizona, they’re sure-footed and they can work long days and navigate through rugged terrain,” Stevens said.

It doesn’t hurt that their horses are the descendants of the Driftwood lineage, Rodgers said.

A household name among seasoned cowboys, Driftwood was a quarter horse born near Silverton, Texas, in 1932 and became a legendary rodeo champion. Nicknamed “Speedy,” he was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 2006.

Babbitt Ranches has developed its successful American Quarter Horse breeding program largely from descendants of the Driftwood lineage.

“A lot of people like that Driftwood breeding,” Rodgers said.

Stevens said they have 23 colts and fillies to be sold this year. At times, their horses can sell for more than $8,000. Longtime colt sale auctioneer Ron Berndt will be overseeing the spirited bidding — which he has done for 20 years.

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