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Anchorage river otters are fun to watch, but keep your dog away

A river otter, carrying a dead muskrat, evades a bald eagle on Potter Marsh on March 30, 2021. (Marc Lester / ADN)

A river otter scampered across the snow at Potter Marsh last week carrying a muskrat in its teeth. The otter, not built for impressive land speed, was determined in its task to find cover down the icy banks of an unfrozen creek as two bald eagles took turns swooping in from above.

The scene was a fleeting and entertaining window into part of Anchorage’s wild world, conveniently visible from a viewing deck. But according to

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Loki is a Cat Person Now, But What About the Rest of the MCU?

Now, as Marvel transitions the proper MCU onto TV with its spate of Disney+ series, ultra pettable cats and dogs remain a big part of the franchise’s plan for worldwide dominance. In addition to Loki’s whiskery little guy, this Fall’s Hawkeye is set to introduce the beloved Pizza Dog. By bringing notable cats and dogs into its canon, Marvel is embracing a war older than the Eternals. Forget the Sokovia Accords and Civil War, what side of the line does each major Marvel character stand on? Cats or dogs. 

Well, since the Loki trailer offers up a good excuse

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Wildlife group pushes to end bird killing at fish hatchery

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Billings bird conservationists have started an online petition seeking to pressure Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to stop killing ospreys and other birds that are eating or harassing largemouth bass at the agency’s Miles City Fish Hatchery ponds.

“Enough is enough,” said Steve Regele, president of the Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society. “We’ve been trying to work through this internally. We didn’t go out raising hell.”

But the agencies involved have ignored the group’s requests, he said, preferring to work internally. So the Audubon group is seeking to generate public pressure via the petition.

“We’ve gotten really

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This Oddball Chef Wants to Serve You Wild Animals

“Bring us some caviar,” Skenes said, ordering dinner for both of us at the Angler on the San Francisco waterfront. “And… amberjack, antelope, tuna, spot prawns. Actually, add fluke to the raw stuff so I can taste it. And then, ah… blowfish, quail. And let’s do some urchin, too.” 

Skenes opened that first Angler in 2018; the L.A. location followed in 2019. He has a third in the works for Bellevue, Washington, likely in 2022. The name Angler seems to reflect a shift in Skenes’s focus from rarefied dining to an idiosyncratic mysto-survivalism. He enjoys referring to the place as

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This Dog Travel Bag Makes Traveling with Pets ‘So Much Easier’

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This pet travel bag comes with multiple pockets, water bottle holders, sleeves, and separate compartments to keep everything organized and clearly marked, as well as extra accessories like food container bags and collapsible water bowls. More than 1,300 shoppers have given it a five-star rating, with plenty calling it “a great travel bag with so much storage” and something that’s “very practical.” Even better, the bag is less than $40 — in fact, it’s

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7 Pet Stocks to Buy to Support Our Furry Friends

The novel coronavirus pandemic has made it glaringly obvious: we humans have become quite the sorry bunch. From the wave of hate crimes and stigmatization that have rippled across the U.S. to divisive and sometimes violent political actions, we can’t cooperate even when cooperation is mutually beneficial.  One thing we can agree on is the sentimental importance of our pets, and thus the economic importance of pet stocks.

Our non-human family members love us unconditionally. They just ask that we take care of their basic needs — nothing more, nothing less, although a treat is always appreciated. With such a

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