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Electronics And Computer Technology

The Downtown Campus Library has 6 computer systems with Internet access, Microsoft Office Suite, and quite a lot of different applications. The Curriculum Materials Center has 26 computer systems with Internet access, Microsoft Office Suite, and quite a lot of different packages. One workstation is supplied with assistive technology corresponding to Jaws. Pursuing a bachelor’s diploma in computer science, management/computer information methods, analytics or related. Grants and presents fund DO-IT publications, movies, and applications to assist the tutorial and profession success of individuals with disabilities. Contribute right now by sending a examine to DO-IT, Box , University of Washington, Seattle, … read more

Arizona Pet Project to open resource center in south Phoenix

Pets need yearly vaccinations and routine check-ups. It’s information Michele Soto wishes she had as a kid. There was a lack of information and support related to pet care that was suitable for her community, she said.

When she got older, she began working in animal welfare, but something was missing from the perspective of groups she interacted with: the human connection. Much of what she heard was solely focused on animals, didn’t consider the needs of their owners and gave the impression that not knowing about pet care was not OK, she said.

Soto, the operations manager at the

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What They’re Saying About Newly Unveiled Next Gen Vehicles

The costs to society embrace sustaining roads, land use, highway congestion, air air pollution, public well being, healthcare, and disposing of the car at the end of its life. Traffic collisions are the largest reason for harm-associated deaths worldwide. CAR’s leading-edge analysis impacts the way forward for the global automotive industry by informing industry leaders and policymakers and facilitating communication across the industry. Get 24/7 entry to in-depth, authoritative coverage of the auto trade from a world group of reporters and editors masking the information that’s vital to your corporation.

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Elevate Your Pet’s Mealtimes With the Modern MOGO Feeding Kit

Love your pet dearly but also care about how your home looks? It’s inevitable that with a pet comes all kinds of gear to accompany their walks, feedings, playtime and sleep, but that doesn’t mean your place has to look like a zoo. Many pet brands put little thought into anything other than function, and while that might work for some people, it typically doesn’t work for aesthetes. Enter industrial designer Jay Sae Jung Oh who founded Seattle-based pet lifestyle brand Boo Oh after welcoming a French bulldog named Boo into the mix and quickly realizing what a struggle it

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What the cat cam collar saw, in this week’s Prudie extra.

Q. A “friend” watched my boyfriend and I have sex: Recent storms rendered a friend’s house unlivable, so we offered her our spare bedroom while her roof was being repaired. She’s good company, a polite houseguest, and after feeling so isolated during lockdown, it was nice to have another face around for a few days. We live in an old, multi-level house. It has skeleton keyholes on most of the doors, which give a fairly decent view into the rooms behind them, but only if you kneel down and peer through them. The master bedroom is on the top floor.

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Australian mouse plague: ‘napalming’ rodents could kill native and domestic animals too | Environment

Leading rodent experts say they “aren’t convinced” a new poison spruiked by the New South Wales government as “napalm” for mice will significantly impact the state’s plague, and warn it comes at a vastly higher risk of killing native and domestic animals.

Rodents are still running rampant across large tracts of inland NSW and southern Queensland, costing some farmers more than $100,000 in destroyed crops and damage to stored hay and grain. Cases of leptospirosis – a potentially deadly disease that can transfer from mice to humans – have almost doubled in Queensland this year, with health authorities citing

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