CBD is nothing but cannabidiol and it is famous across the world in the present days. Besides, according to studies conducted on CBD it is good for both pets and humans. When it comes to pets, this CBD is especially useful for dogs and cats.

Does CBD contain THC?

CBD is one of the compounds of cannabis plant, and CBD and THC are not same. In fact, both CBD and THC are two different compounds. CBD doesn’t show any psychoactive effects, but THC exhibits psychoactive effects. Another important point that you should know here is that THC is an addictive substance and CBD is a non-addictive substance. By this time, I am sure you would have understood that THC is not good for health. Hence, we should always choose THC free CBD products.

There are ‘n’ number of stores everywhere that offer CBD products for both humans and pets. However, as it is the quality that always matters, we have to do proper research before buying any CBD product. Checking customer reviews or ratings online will help us identify the quality CBD products easily and quickly i.e., without putting much efforts. Just CBD is one of the top CBD brands in US since many years, and we can find the best CBD oil for dogs UK here.

CBD oil can be used for several purposes. It is used to calm down the anxiety and stress in dogs. Some people say that CBD can also reduce stomach pain and diarrhea in dogs. Your dogs will feel relieved instantly by giving them CBD. However, don’t forget check how much dosage is safe for your dog by contacting a good veterinarian in your location.

What are pet allergies?

Just like humans even pets will have inbuilt network, and this network plays an important role in keeping them safe from viruses, bacteria etc. If this network functions properly, it means immunity system is strong. However, if this network doesn’t work properly then it can cause several problems. Pet allergies are nothing but allergic reactions to certain type of protein, which are generally known as allergens.

What are the common pet allergy symptoms?

Some of the common symptoms which we may observe in the pets suffering with allergy are redness on skin, breathing problems, anxiety, swollen eyes, inflammation, tiredness, irritated bowels etc.

What can trigger allergies in pets?

  • Food: Just like humans even dogs cannot tolerate certain type of foods. Hence, you have to be very careful when choosing food for your dogs. If you observe any symptoms of allergy post giving any food, let the veterinarian know about it. If you feel that the food has triggered that allergy then it is better to avoid giving such food to your pets.
  • Fragrances: Make sure that you only choose fragrance free products for your pets, because they might trigger allergies in pets.
  • Poor gut health: Poor gut health can also trigger allergies in pets. Check whether your pet is suffering with constipation and use the medications suggested by your veterinarian. CBD can reduce gut related health issues within no time.

Start giving CBD to your pets to protect them from several health issues!