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What it’s like to ride the first-ever roller coaster at sea

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In the past two months, we’ve seen cruise ships slowly trickling back into service, with several now allowing Americans to sail from the Caribbean, Greece and the U.S. On July 31, in the first major new-ship launch since before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras will welcome its first round of revenue passengers.

During a pre-cruise media day, I was able to

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Business Casual
Gen-Z and Millennials ready to take on debt to celebrate end of pandemic

The pandemic was the strangest time. We spent most of it at home, ordering in instead of dining out, relying on Netflix and Disney+ for entertainment, turning into gardeners and bakers and using Zoom for all our social needs. We decreased our credit card debt while on it.

After over a year of such existence, it’s no wonder that many can’t wait to get out and live their best post-pandemic life.

Now that the world if finally opening up, it’s a perfect time to splurge—to book that trip you’ve dreamed about all through the pandemic; to buy new outfits after

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Work-Appropriate Pieces That Are Comfy Enough to Sleep In

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Dress codes can be rough. We certainly don’t mind looking nice and put together for work, but it’s tough when it means you have to buy uncomfortable clothes and sit in them for eight hours a day — plus the time it takes to commute there and back.

Not all office-appropriate pieces need to be stiff and rigid though. They can be soft, flowy, comfy and cozy too. It’s not always easy to find pieces that can work for both the desk and

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A Back To Work Men’s Fashion Guide for 2021

Table of Contents

  • 1. Prepare To Make a New First Impression

  • 2. Can You Wear Athleisure in the Workplace?

  • 3. Menswear Style Inspiration for Going Back To Work

  • 4. The Right Accessories Provide the Finishing Touch

  • 5. Back To Work Outfits for Men

After a year or more from working from home, trying to figure out what to wear in an office setting can be a nightmare. We swear getting dressed used to be a lot easier. So if you find yourself standing in your closet wondering what the hell you’re going to wear to work, we promise you’re not

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Be Careful Out There | The New Yorker

I went inside the grocery store without a mask. I felt liberated. I was free. I caught a cold. An old-fashioned runny-nose, puffy-eye head cold. Over the past seventeen months, I’d forgotten about all the non-COVID stuff out there that can get you.

Here’s a refresher on some of those dangers.

Pirates: They’ve marauded for centuries, surviving natural disasters and Peter Pan, so what makes you think that this latest pandemic would have done them in? They’re thriving, sailing across the seas under the good old Jolly Roger, never showering, never paying taxes, and never drinking rum out of

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What to wear to a job interview

Job interview attire

Once you’ve submitted the perfect resume and job application, there’s one last hurdle to clear before you get your dream job: the interview. Now, you’ll need to pick out one of the most important outfits of your life— and wear it confidently.

While a classic suit is a popular go-go option, the suit itself isn’t your only decision. You’ll also need to choose a dress shirt, blouse, footwear and accessories to match. And if you’re facing a commute or mixed weather conditions, be prepared to change the outfit accordingly. 

What to know about choosing outfits for job

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