A 22-Year-Old Cat Is in Need of a New Home

Dr. Pepper, a 22-year-old cat, is in need of a new home.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington put out a call on social media on Wednesday in hopes of finding this very elderly, brown and black, domestic shorthaired kitty a welcoming place to nap and snack.

She was brought into the shelter about two weeks ago, Chelsea Jones of AWLA said, when her long-time caretaker had become too sick to care for her anymore.

Dr. Pepper was accompanied by a note that said she was the beloved companion of a cancer survivor, a Vietnam veteran, and her caretaker’s

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What the cat cam collar saw, in this week’s Prudie extra.

Q. A “friend” watched my boyfriend and I have sex: Recent storms rendered a friend’s house unlivable, so we offered her our spare bedroom while her roof was being repaired. She’s good company, a polite houseguest, and after feeling so isolated during lockdown, it was nice to have another face around for a few days. We live in an old, multi-level house. It has skeleton keyholes on most of the doors, which give a fairly decent view into the rooms behind them, but only if you kneel down and peer through them. The master bedroom is on the top floor.

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Reward Available for Suspect who Shot Milton Family’s Cat

“Firefly will live with this pin for at least three months and we will recheck x-rays usually every 10 to 14 days and hopefully if the leg knits and Firefly’s activity is restricted, we save a leg and he has a leg to walk on,” Dr. Metzler says. “If it doesn’t, we’ll take the leg off at a later date.”

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A Vet Explains Why Your Cat May Still Have Poop on Their Butt After Using the Litter Box

Photo taken in Neu-Ulm, Germany

It’s not uncommon for a cat with longer fur to get a little bit of litter-covered poop stuck to their hind fur, but when my cat with short hair started to serve whiffs of eau de number two, I was confused. There wasn’t litter stuck to her fur, but her behind definitely looked akin to a newly potty trained toddler who can’t yet wipe well enough. Because she was more than 3 years old at this point, I felt like something was wrong when about once every four days I’d noticed she “hadn’t wiped well;”

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Why Do Cats Love Climbing Into Boxes?

For all the hype that box-cats command, scientists still don’t fully understand why felines both big and small so fervidly flop their keisters into anything and everything. And because cats are generally uncooperative study subjects, humans have had a hell of a time trying to suss it all out. “We can’t get into those little brains,” Mikel Delgado, a cat-behavior expert at Feline Minds, a cat-behavior consulting group, told me.

But at least a handful of theories have been tossed around. One posits that cats squish themselves into small spaces in

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Grieving Cat Comforted by Doll After Her Kitten Dies in Heart-Wrenching Video

Even if you are more of a dog person, this video of a cat and her toy is bound to make you shed a tear.

The adorable clip was posted to TikTok by user isabel.gracez, and it showcases the heartwarming way she cheered up her cat after her kitten sadly died.

The video begins with footage of scissors cutting into white cloth, and the overlaid writing reads: “my cat had a baby, the baby ended up passing away.”

The next scene then shows a marker drawing an outline of a little cat, along with the caption: “She would stay up

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