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Destination Trip
What it’s like flying between the Hawaiian Islands right now

a airplane that is sitting on a runway at an airport

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I just got home from my third pandemic-era trip to Hawaii, and I wanted to share a bit on what it’s like to travel by air between the Hawaiian Islands.

I’ve written before about what it was like going to Hawaii during the resort bubble era, again when all flights still required a test for entry and, finally, what it’s like now that there is an exemption

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Destination Trip
Here’s one way to sidestep the rental-car shortage

(NerdWallet) — When Terika Haynes landed in Mexico, she skipped the rental car — and she skipped the taxi, too. Haynes, who works as a professional travel planner, did the math and determined that a limo was the cheapest option to get her and her friends from the airport to their resort.

She calculated the cost of insurance, refilling the gas tank, and resort parking prices, not to mention the inconvenience of having to stand in line at the rental car counter. In short, it wasn’t tough to justify a limo for her 2018 trip.

Fast-forward to summer

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Destination Trip
How to navigate rental car shortages, rising gas prices on your next trip

The rapid rebound in leisure travel is fueling a nationwide rental car shortage and price hikes at the pump.

If you’re planning on hitting the road this summer, here’s what experts say you can do to avoid any potential speed bumps:

Don’t wait to rent a car

At the height of the pandemic, rental car companies sold off half of their fleets, and when demand came roaring back they had trouble getting their hands on new cars due to the semiconductor shortage.

“We are in the heart of the car rental apocalypse right now,” Jonathan Weinberg, founder and CEO

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Destination Trip
Heathrow warns of further fall in passenger numbers

Passengers at Heathrow

Heathrow has warned it could see even fewer passengers in 2021 than last year as expensive testing requirements and restrictions hold travel back.

The airport said recent changes to the government’s traffic light system were “encouraging”.

But its losses continue to mount after fewer than four million people used the airport in the first half of 2021.

It came as Ryanair said “haphazard” UK rules continued to create uncertainty despite a recent surge in bookings.

The airline said most people were booking at the last minute amid concern that the traffic light system – which ranks destinations

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Destination Trip
Itching to Travel? 3 Reasons to Wait Till Fall

Many people spent the better part of the past year stuck at home. Between COVID-related concerns and economic ones, a lot of people were nervous to travel last summer in particular.

But this summer, things are looking up on both the pandemic and economic front. Vaccines are widely available and travel restrictions are largely lifted, which means taking a trip this July or August may be feasible from a logistical standpoint, and even a financial one.

That said, if you haven’t yet finalized your travel arrangements, it could pay to put off your trip until the fall. Here’s why.


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Destination Trip
Canada is easing travel restrictions for vaccinated Americans. Here are 10 things to know before a trip

Canada is set to open its borders to fully vaccinated U.S. travelers next month, but travelers will notice a few differences compared to their pre-pandemic trips.

From COVID testing and vaccination requirements to lodging prices, a number of things have changed up north since nonessential border travel between the two countries was first shut down in March 2020. Since then, only essential trade and travel have been permitted.

Fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents will be permitted to enter Canada for nonessential travel starting Aug. 9 at 12:01 a.m. EDT, even as the U.S. continues to enforce strict

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