In China, Deaths of Mail-Order Pets in Mystery Boxes Set Off a Backlash

HONG KONG — The mystery pet boxes are listed on e-commerce platforms in China as a bargain, priced at little more than a few dollars, and they often contain cuddly animals ready to be mailed straight to your doorstep.

The recipients of the pet “blind boxes” typically don’t know exactly what’s inside — other than that it’s a puppy, a kitten, a hamster or an unhatched turtle egg. Though the unauthorized transport of live animals across the country is illegal, that has not stopped vendors from openly holding cheap sales and promising fast deliveries. The practice has become increasingly popular.

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Talk to a vet online when your pet needs one with Pawp

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For the last year, pet owners have had to contend with restricted availability of resources. Ensuring your animal is happy, healthy, and safe can be difficult when it’s so difficult to get a hold oof veterinarians and pet experts. Pawp is a pet insurance alternative that protects up to six pets, giving owners access to a 24/7 remote vet and a $3,000 emergency safety net for vet bills.

For a monthly premium and no hidden out-of-pocket

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Even Professional Car Detailers Swear by This Pet Hair Removal Tool

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Unlike most rectangular pet hair scapers (including the popular Lilly brush), the triangle-shape design and center ring grip of Analan’s remover makes it much easier to hold onto, say reviewers. Each side of the triangle comes with a different type of brush teeth, making it ideal for getting hair off tougher materials like car seats, as well as softer fabrics like sweaters.

Buy It! Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover in matte black, $14.95 (orig. $19.95);

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Elevate Your Pet’s Mealtimes With the Modern MOGO Feeding Kit

Love your pet dearly but also care about how your home looks? It’s inevitable that with a pet comes all kinds of gear to accompany their walks, feedings, playtime and sleep, but that doesn’t mean your place has to look like a zoo. Many pet brands put little thought into anything other than function, and while that might work for some people, it typically doesn’t work for aesthetes. Enter industrial designer Jay Sae Jung Oh who founded Seattle-based pet lifestyle brand Boo Oh after welcoming a French bulldog named Boo into the mix and quickly realizing what a struggle it

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COVID-19 pet boom has veterinarians backlogged, burned out

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — During the gloomiest stretches of the pandemic, Dr. Diona Krahn’s veterinary clinic has been a puppy fest, overrun with new four-legged patients.

Typically, she’d get three or four new puppies a week, but between shelter adoptions and private purchases, the 2020 COVID-19 pet boom brought five to seven new clients a day to her practice in Raleigh, North Carolina. Many are first-time pet owners.

Like many veterinarians across the country, she’s also been seeing more sick animals. To meet the demand, vets interviewed by The Associated Press have extended hours, hired additional staff and refused

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“Texas ChainPaw Massacre” Helps You Adopt Pets That Look Like Animals from Horror Movies!

If you’ve ever wanted to adopt a pet that looks like one of your favorite pets from one of your favorite horror movies, look no further than Texas ChainPaw Massacre for assistance!

Saving animals one horror movie at a time” is the tagline for the brand, started by two sisters back in 2019 who love animals as much as they love horror. How does it work, you ask?

“We find adoptable animals in shelters, rescues, or foster homes that are doppelgangers of often unappreciated animals in horror movies,” the sisters behind ChainPaw explain.

Via their Twitter and Instagram

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