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Houston suspect arrested as pet tiger remains on the loose

A murder suspect in Texas who was out on bail has been taken back into custody after neighbours called the police to alert them to a pet tiger wandering around a Houston neighbourhood.

When officers arrived on Sunday, the man put the Bengal tiger in an SUV, and drove off, police said.

Victor Hugo Cuevas, 26, now faces a separate charge of evading arrest, police said.

The tiger is still on the loose.

Footage shared on social media appeared to show a tiger on the leafy suburban streets.

Houston Police confirmed that Mr Cuevas had been arrested for evading arrest

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More ‘pandemic pets’ returning to animal shelters

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Animal shelters are seeing more adopted animals and foster pets returned to their facilities.

“Shelters in the area are full just like we are,” said Andrea Wilkey, director of operations for Stray Rescue of St. Louis. “We’ve seen animals left outside on our benches. We’ve seen animals tied up down the street.”

Wilkey said Stray Rescue has seen a slight increase in pet returns.

“We had some instances where

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Arizona Pet Project to open resource center in south Phoenix

Pets need yearly vaccinations and routine check-ups. It’s information Michele Soto wishes she had as a kid. There was a lack of information and support related to pet care that was suitable for her community, she said.

When she got older, she began working in animal welfare, but something was missing from the perspective of groups she interacted with: the human connection. Much of what she heard was solely focused on animals, didn’t consider the needs of their owners and gave the impression that not knowing about pet care was not OK, she said.

Soto, the operations manager at the

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Livonia council approves leash law, denies pets weather-related help

Pet owners in Livonia will have to keep their four-legged family members on a leash when not on their own property or at a dog park. 

Livonia council voted Monday to adopt a leash law and shot down a proposal that would place some weather restrictions on when homeowners can leave pets outside for an extended period. 

Both were brought to council’s attention by residents and nonresidents concerned about the wellbeing of dogs and, in the leash law’s case, those they come in contact with. The discussion also prompted Livonia’s representative in the Michigan Senate, Dayna Polehanki, to propose a

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People let their pets decide who they date, new survey suggests

The way to someone’s heart is apparently through their pets.

A new survey suggests that when it comes to dating, people take their pets very seriously. Apparently, being a dog or cat person is a huge advantage when looking for love.

A recent survey suggests that pet owners in America trust their pets’ judgment when trying to date someone.

A recent survey suggests that pet owners in America trust their pets’ judgment when trying to date someone, Southwest News Service reports. According to the results, pets tend to be trusted over friends and family when it comes to relationships.

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Pets of the Week for May 11, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville’s News 2’s “Pets of the Week” segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville.

Lottie – 1 year old spayed dog

Meet Lottie! This one year old girl is gorgeous and sweet and loves to play with other dogs. She loves affection and leash walks and peanut butter! She has a good amount of energy and would love an active family to walk with and hang with. Email to meet her!

Percival – 2 year old spayed dog

This 2 year old bundle of love is on the

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