Wild Singapore hornbill yanks pet bird out of cage and turns it into lunch

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The circle of life, as Disney’s The Lion King has taught us, does not pick and choose. We’re all a part of it, in birth and in death, whether we like it or not.

And when survival becomes the top priority, humans and animals alike will do whatever they can in order to ensure the continuation of their species.

Also, everyone’s gotta eat.

A wild hornbill in Singapore got itself a hearty lunch in the form of caged pet bird hanging

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Pet-adoption surge creates demand for “puppy nannies”

Kristen Fallon and her kids were at New York’s LaGuardia Airport to meet the newest member of their family: Rex, a mini Bernedoodle puppy. But getting tiny Rex to the Big Apple, during a pandemic, was a problem.

Pet adoptions amid the coronavirus pandemic have surged in many areas of the country, with kennels and breeders barely able to keep up. The demand for pets, coupled with ongoing travel restrictions, has spawned a unique business that’s booming: Pet nannies, who help transport animals to their new owners around the country.

“Our breeder is in Colorado,” Fallon told CBS News

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French bulldog is stolen at gunpoint in Florida just a month after Lady Gaga’s pets were dognapped

A French bulldog has been stolen at gunpoint just a month after two of Lady Gaga‘s pets of the same breed were dognapped and her walker shot in Hollywood.

Police are hunting for bulldog Bugsy after it was taken away from his owner at gunpoint at 9pm on Thursday, in the Hiawassee neighborhood of Orange County, Florida

The gunman ordered the dog’s owner to give up the pet or he would shoot him, police say.

He then grabbed the dog and jumping into a a silver sedan being driven by a woman, and the pair drove off. 


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Puppy mafia: Dognappers exploit demand for pandemic pets in U.K.

Britain is in the throes of a huge dognapping crime wave. This is extremely distressing in this nation of animal lovers, another emotional lashing in a strange and terrible time.

The humane societies and rescue charities in Britain say they have never seen anything like it. Animal welfare investigators — pet detectives, really — blame the pandemic. The demand for dogs is massive, but there are few for sale or adoption. So crime bosses are now puppy brokers.

In the United States, the most famous recent case involved Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, stolen from her dog

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A Smart Drinking Fountain for Pets

Illustration for article titled This Smart Pet Drinking Fountain Has Made My Cats Insufferable Water Snobs

Photo: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo

When my household was just myself and my gray tabby Charlie, a basic water bowl and food bowl was all she (well, me really) needed. But after adopting Katniss, my black and white tuxedo kitty, our daily routines completely changed. I had to worry about Charlie stealing food from her sister, and I had to give her a separate water bowl because she doesn’t like it when Katniss’ hair gets in the water. But they’ve been sharing the Eversweet 3 Smart Pet Drinking Fountain from Petkit for about two months now, even if they don’t

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Pet food maker issues recall over salmonella risk

Midwestern Pet Foods issued a voluntary recall this week of several brands of dog and cat food over salmonella concerns. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed the recall in a statement last week that the 10 brands potentially impacted are CanineX, Earthborn Holistic, Venture, Unrefined, Sportmix Wholesomes, Pro Pac, Pro Pac Ultimates, Sportstrail, Sportmix and Meridian.

The recall is for products manufactured at the pet food maker’s Monmouth, Ill., facility. Pet owners can check the FDA announcement to see if their product has an expiration date or lot code cited in the recall.

The products were distributed nationwide and

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