Live pets delivered in ‘blind boxes’ emerge again in East China; animals in boxes found dead

Over 100 animals received care at an animal helping center in Chengdu, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province on May 7 after they were sold via “blind boxes.” Photo: VCG

An incident involving live pets that were delivered in “blind boxes” was reported on Wednesday in East China again, only a few days after two express companies in Chengdu, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province were suspended and fined for delivering blind boxes containing live animals, sparking outrage across China.

The enforcement officers from Suzhou Post in East China’s Jiangsu Province were tipped on Tuesday that “blind boxes” containing live animals were found in

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Two Dogs Blamed For Deaths Of Dozens Of Animals In Hyrum

HYRUM, Utah – Officials have fined the owners of two dogs they said have attacked and killed about 30 family pets. Many animal owners in the Cache County neighborhood said that’s not enough.

Not only did they lose thousands of dollars’ worth of animals, in some cases those were pets, and all meant something to someone.

They’re concerned the owners of those two dogs may not be held accountable.

Kaitlyn Isaac said her two alpacas – Dolly and Flossie – were part of the family.

“My great-grandmother’s name – her nickname was Flossie, so my alpaca was named after my

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Australian mouse plague: ‘napalming’ rodents could kill native and domestic animals too | Environment

Leading rodent experts say they “aren’t convinced” a new poison spruiked by the New South Wales government as “napalm” for mice will significantly impact the state’s plague, and warn it comes at a vastly higher risk of killing native and domestic animals.

Rodents are still running rampant across large tracts of inland NSW and southern Queensland, costing some farmers more than $100,000 in destroyed crops and damage to stored hay and grain. Cases of leptospirosis – a potentially deadly disease that can transfer from mice to humans – have almost doubled in Queensland this year, with health authorities citing

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Are tigers allowed in Houston? What you need to know about owning dangerous wild animals.

An off-duty Waller County sheriff’s deputy who happened to be nearby came face-to-face with the predator when it paced toward him crossing the street near the home in the Energy Corridor area. No one was harmed, but the caretaker rushed the animal away in a car as police arrived.

The owner’s home is in city limits, where wild animal ownership is mostly prohibited, according to city code. Some exceptions include animal hospitals, public zoos, or shelters where the animal is being kept for the purpose of being transferred to a refuge or sanctuary.

BARC animal control officers are assisting

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Hundreds of animals, dozens of species found malnourished, resorting to eating tree bark on Norman ranch

NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – More than 300 exotic and farm animals, 80 different species in all, were seized from a farm in Norman after authorities alleged the animals were so hungry, they were eating the bark off of nearby trees.

Now the owners could be forced to pay more than $100,000 to Cleveland County.

The Animals of Rock Creek Farm is located near E. Rock Creek and 60th, but its cages are now empty.

Neighbors told News 4 that in the past two weeks the quiet

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“Texas ChainPaw Massacre” Helps You Adopt Pets That Look Like Animals from Horror Movies!

If you’ve ever wanted to adopt a pet that looks like one of your favorite pets from one of your favorite horror movies, look no further than Texas ChainPaw Massacre for assistance!

Saving animals one horror movie at a time” is the tagline for the brand, started by two sisters back in 2019 who love animals as much as they love horror. How does it work, you ask?

“We find adoptable animals in shelters, rescues, or foster homes that are doppelgangers of often unappreciated animals in horror movies,” the sisters behind ChainPaw explain.

Via their Twitter and Instagram

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