UPDATE: Dog found, hiker still mising, search continues –

Investigators say finding the dog is a huge piece of the puzzle. They were initially searching the entire area of the Pocket Wilderness. Now, they believe they can narrow it down to the contained space where the dog has been.

Curtis Dustin Williams, in his mid-forties, left for the woods around Pocket Wilderness in Rhea County Monday morning. He had shared his adventures with family and friends on Facebook but was last heard or seen from that evening.

“He’s an avid hiker. He’d been to several different areas before and hiked in remote areas. He knows the woods, he knows

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Family of dog owner fatally shot demands body cam footage

The family of a man fatally shot last month in Hillsdale County after a sheriff’s deputy opened fire on his dog are calling for authorities to release body cam footage from the incident.

Romanucci & Blandin LLC, the Chicago-based law firm representing Oscar Herrera’s relatives, said Monday its lawyers have contacted Michigan State Police, which is investigating the shooting, but were not successful in having investigators release the video.

“There is no reason to not release any and all video footage immediately,” said Ian Fallon, an attorney with the firm, in a statement Monday. 

“Body worn camera footage exists to

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Arson dog, Saginaw TX firefighter sniff out suspicious fires

Sheldon has a nose for solving arson cases, and he proved it on his very first day at work.

The dog — part golden retriever, part black labrador — was trained by State Farm Insurance to use his incredibly sensitive snout to detect fuels and other accelerants, when authorities suspect that a fire was set on purpose and need evidence to support their case.

Sheldon’s handler, Saginaw fire battalion chief John Tadlock, remembers the eager pooch’s very first case, in the spring of 2018. The human-canine duo, having just completed a month of training on the east coast, had returned

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I Was a Bad Dog Owner. Don’t Be Like Me.

Even as far as deserts go, the Bisti Badlands in northern New Mexico are inhospitable. I have rarely seen so much as a lizard among the stone hoodoos and petrified logs. That’s why I was astonished one wintry day to see a long-eared jackrabbit tear out from a gravelly wash, its lithe body moving so fast it almost floated above the landscape. Two dogs bolted in maniacal pursuit. 

The dogs belonged to my friends, who screeched at them to stop, but the canines were already too intoxicated with instinct to register any commands. They chased the hare for hundreds of

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Sparks man booked on felony after allegedly shooting dog

SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) – A Sparks man remained jailed Sunday morning on a felony charge of hurting an animal after he allegedly shot a dog at the Sparks Marina Saturday evening that had gotten out of its collar.

Harold Neil Miller, 57, was also booked on three gross misdemeanor counts of firing a gun where people might be endangered.

The Sarks Police Department said it received several 911 calls Saturday about 6:11 p.m. Two dogs were involved in a fight at the Sparks Marina and a man walking a large dog fired several shots and continued west through the Sparks

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YouTubers euthanize dog after child was bit, sparking backlash

Popular parenting YouTubers Nikki Phillippi and Dan Phillippi are facing criticism from fans and followers after sharing that they had euthanized their nine-year-old bull terrier, Bowser.

The pair, who live in Nashville, said in an emotional YouTube video shared on May 3 that there had been “multiple instances” over the years where they would have been justified in putting the dog down, but the final straw came after he bit their young son, Logan, in an incident that Dan called “defensive.”

Dan and Nikki Phillippi did not respond to multiple requests for comment from TODAY.

Nikki and Dan Phillippi with
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