Pet Owners Make Mobile Bed for Their 16-Year-Old Dog to Help Canine Enjoy Last Beach Vacation

Courtesy Carrie Copenhaver

A dog owner found an innovative way to transport his 16-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever around Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the canine’s final months of life.

Tom Antonino, who lives in Georgia, frequently visited Virginia Beach with his wife and their dog Cocoa for years. But at 16 years old, the once-energetic pup struggled to walk a short distance, making the trips harder to pull off for the family of three.

Antonino, determined to help Cocoa live a relatively normal life in her final days, created a home-crafted mobile bed that allowed him and his wife to transport

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Mobile veterinary clinic provides free care for furry friends of the homeless

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) — The sound of many dogs barking echoed along West Street in Raleigh on Saturday, as the Women’s Center welcomed pet parents to a free outdoor veterinary clinic. Organizers called it a “No Pet Shaming Zone” for the homeless and people at risk of losing their homes.

“Many of those women who we serve have experienced homelessness, and the homeless community have pets. They often will choose pets over finding shelter.”, said Brace Boone III, director of The Women’s Center.

Dozens of dogs and their human companions took advantage of the opportunity, so many that Nora Robbins

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