People let their pets decide who they date, new survey suggests

The way to someone’s heart is apparently through their pets.

A new survey suggests that when it comes to dating, people take their pets very seriously. Apparently, being a dog or cat person is a huge advantage when looking for love.

A recent survey suggests that pet owners in America trust their pets’ judgment when trying to date someone.

A recent survey suggests that pet owners in America trust their pets’ judgment when trying to date someone, Southwest News Service reports. According to the results, pets tend to be trusted over friends and family when it comes to relationships.

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Pets of the week: Even though she was abandoned, Kizmet loves people. Cami is a cuddle bug

JACKSON, MI – Kizmet and Cami are just two of the many animals at the Cascade Humane Society that are looking for loving forever homes.

Kizmet is a 4-year-old female pit bull who is an absolute sweetheart and very playful. She’s also a resilient girl who had a rough life before she found her way to CHS.

Kizmet was found abandoned, emaciated and with open wounds. But that doesn’t stop her from loving humans. Kizmet also loves her treats and toys, but would very much enjoy just snuggling up with you on the couch.

Kizmet is positive for heartworm disease

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MDHSS offers tips to protect people and pets after bats test positive for rabies in 4 counties

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan officials are sharing tips to protect families and pets from rabies after bats in four counties tested positive for the disease.

Four bats have tested positive for rabies in Clinton, Ingham, Kent and Midland counties so far this year, according to the Michigan departments of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) and Natural Resources (MDNR).

MDHSS says 56 cases of rabies were reported in Michigan animals last year. Those cases included 52 rabid bats and four rabid skunks. Bats and skunks are usually the primary source of rabies.

Rabies is deadly to

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Why do cats lick people?

Licking: cats are absolutely obsessed with it. In fact, research suggests an adult domestic feline can spend up to 8 per cent of their waking hours grooming their body with their tongue. Licking can also play an important social role with felines, with adults often licking each other just before copulating.

But what about humans: why do cats lick people? The good news: there’s no evidence to say your cat considers this any part of a pre-mating ritual. The bad news: scientists and cat behavioural experts aren’t completely sure why your cat might mop their little tongue against your face

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Can you use AirTags to track people and pets?

As you might already know, Apple introduced AirTag during the April 20 Spring Loaded event, alongside the new iPad Pro with a mini-LED display and the M1 chip, as well as a brand new iPhone 12 & 12 Mini color.

However, AirTags are arguably the most interesting devices, since they are brand new to Apple. They have a user-replaceable battery (another first for Apple), and they are the cheapest smart device the company has ever offered, coming in at just $29 for one AirTag or $99 for a pack of four.

What’s an AirTag?

The AirTag is a small accessory

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Florida shelters work to keep pets, people together during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic could have been heartbreaking for pet owners who lost their jobs or had their hours cut so they could no longer afford to care for their cats and dogs.

But a system of social services for keeping pets with their people — food banks, low-cost veterinary care, vouchers for apartment pet deposits — has become what advocates hope will be a model for the post-pandemic future of animal shelters.

That is an upshot from a 2020 survey of shelters statewide by the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

“The hope is that these progressive changes that

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