Houston suspect arrested as pet tiger remains on the loose

A murder suspect in Texas who was out on bail has been taken back into custody after neighbours called the police to alert them to a pet tiger wandering around a Houston neighbourhood.

When officers arrived on Sunday, the man put the Bengal tiger in an SUV, and drove off, police said.

Victor Hugo Cuevas, 26, now faces a separate charge of evading arrest, police said.

The tiger is still on the loose.

Footage shared on social media appeared to show a tiger on the leafy suburban streets.

Houston Police confirmed that Mr Cuevas had been arrested for evading arrest

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Talk to a vet online when your pet needs one with Pawp

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For the last year, pet owners have had to contend with restricted availability of resources. Ensuring your animal is happy, healthy, and safe can be difficult when it’s so difficult to get a hold oof veterinarians and pet experts. Pawp is a pet insurance alternative that protects up to six pets, giving owners access to a 24/7 remote vet and a $3,000 emergency safety net for vet bills.

For a monthly premium and no hidden out-of-pocket

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Even Professional Car Detailers Swear by This Pet Hair Removal Tool

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Unlike most rectangular pet hair scapers (including the popular Lilly brush), the triangle-shape design and center ring grip of Analan’s remover makes it much easier to hold onto, say reviewers. Each side of the triangle comes with a different type of brush teeth, making it ideal for getting hair off tougher materials like car seats, as well as softer fabrics like sweaters.

Buy It! Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover in matte black, $14.95 (orig. $19.95);

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Arizona Pet Project to open resource center in south Phoenix

Pets need yearly vaccinations and routine check-ups. It’s information Michele Soto wishes she had as a kid. There was a lack of information and support related to pet care that was suitable for her community, she said.

When she got older, she began working in animal welfare, but something was missing from the perspective of groups she interacted with: the human connection. Much of what she heard was solely focused on animals, didn’t consider the needs of their owners and gave the impression that not knowing about pet care was not OK, she said.

Soto, the operations manager at the

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COVID-19 pet boom has veterinarians backlogged, burned out

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — During the gloomiest stretches of the pandemic, Dr. Diona Krahn’s veterinary clinic has been a puppy fest, overrun with new four-legged patients.

Typically, she’d get three or four new puppies a week, but between shelter adoptions and private purchases, the 2020 COVID-19 pet boom brought five to seven new clients a day to her practice in Raleigh, North Carolina. Many are first-time pet owners.

Like many veterinarians across the country, she’s also been seeing more sick animals. To meet the demand, vets interviewed by The Associated Press have extended hours, hired additional staff and refused

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NVA Compassion-First pet hospital taking shape in east Vancouver

Veterinary care provider NVA Compassion-First plans to open a large emergency and specialty care veterinary hospital in Vancouver this summer.

The future Pacific Northwest Pet ER & Specialty Center is under construction at 815 S.E. 160th Ave, taking over the space that until two years ago housed a Whole Food Market. NVA Compassion-First is aiming for a July opening, according to Doug Hoffman, the company’s vice president of facilities and infrastructure.

The hospital will offer 24-hour emergency care and a wide variety of specialty services including cardiology, oncology and surgery, as well as an array of imaging options including ultrasounds,

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